Saturday, November 7, 2009

which part of the brain regulates body temperature?

Thermoregulating centers (anterior and posterior) are located at the brain's hypothalamus. The anterior center is concerned with heat dissipation by vasodilation and sweating related to parasympathetic activity while the posterior center is concerned with conserving heat by vasoconstriction and shivering and related to sympathetic activity is upset to produce a positive heat balance and raise the body temperature above normal.鈾?
the Hypothalamus..
actually is the thyroid glad
The Hypothalamus.This is one of its many functions.Tiger Striped Dog MD
the thermostat
The hypothalamus regulates temperature. It has a natural set point that it strives to keep the body at where functioning is optimal. You get a temperature when you are sick because the hypothalamus increases the temperature set point. This causes an unhealthy environment for the invading organisms and causes them to die. So a slight temperature when you are sick is good to get rid of the bad stuff. (99-101). The thyroid is associated with temperature because an under or over active thyroid gland is assoiciated with intolerance to heat or cold.
your nuts
The hypothalumus controlls many body functions, and body temperature is one of the many that it does.
Oh dear Sweet B - if your thyroid gland is in your brain, you are a medical enigma. It is actually in the front of your neck..
hyppothalamus controls homeostasis of the body including body temp.

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