Saturday, October 24, 2009

Which is the only part of human body that doesn't grow from the second we are born? :)))))?

the eye balls
if i recall's a bone.inside your inner ear.sorry but i don't know it's english name..
the eyes - but the ears and nose never stop growing
it's not the eyeballs (1st source,) so i'll say head-volume as a percentage of total volume. baby heads are disproportionately large, so from the second we are born, this ratio is not growing, it is shrinking.if you don't like that answer, how about this one: (2nd source)
a female is born with a finite number of eggs. from the moment she is born, this number will not grow.
Its the eyeball that does not grow with ur age!
Your eyes.
I don't see how anyone would say it's the eye. have you ever seen an infant up close? Do you REALLY think that those tiny little heads would hold an adult sized eye ball?
I don't know what the answer is, but i DONT think it's the eye ball.
in men its the penis and in women its the breasts
The discarded umbilical cord?
I'd say that for most people its the brain.
nothing every single thing grows.
uuummmm lets see your belly button
While the ears and nose continue to grow, the eyes remain the same size from birth on. That's why a baby's eyes look so large, and the eyes appear so much smaller (relative to the rest of the features) in the elderly.
someantha is correct
Well, technically speaking hair and nails never "grow" because they are made of dead cells. Otherwise everything gets bigger indicating growth. How many people do you know whose heads and eyes are EXACTLY the same size and shape as when they were born?

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